• H Risher

    Jason is absolutely correct.  The ‘happy’ worker focus dates to the 1950s.  Actually if you follow Gallup’s argument, performance is the focus of engagemnt.  Of their Q12 survey questions, 9 or 10 focus on day to day issues related to their performance (depending n how you interpret the questions).

  • TNoebel

    A fairly simple litmus test – Just what are your employess engaged in?  The answer had better be some version of delivering the work needed to make the business successful.

  • http://twitter.com/Jackson_Matt Matt Jackson

    This is spot on!  An employee is never more engaged then when they are productive and contributing to a winning team.

  • Sudipto chakravorty

    Hi! Jason .
    you have given a wonderful example of a situation which explains that one can  be  extremely passionate & engaged in the team & job  , yet not able  to deliver  result . 
    To deliver result one  needs to have requisite skill & of course clear vision or clarity of goal . , apart from passion & engagement .

    Your observations/ recommended precautions      are very true from the  perspective of  employee engagement surveys  conducted by HR . you have cautioned about taking a general view of the surveys & not listening specifically to the people who delivers . you have also suggested about more care being taken of those who produce result.

    All said & done , there is something very crucial  in your article seems to missing or you may have overlooked . I do understand what you have tried to drive home.

    the age old thought / wisdom is that passion/ intention  is more important than skaill & knowledge . You have the first , The rest automatically flows over time to produce just not result , but wonders .

    So if your daughter has the perfect passion & engagement to football , but lacking in skill & direction at present  , you should actually be very happy to have fathered & raising a future  Maradona  or Pele

    the engagement surveys should also be careful not to look at the immediate present only. It should be able to look through the future possiabilities.