• http://yourcareerbydesign.com Mary Rosenbaum

    The real question is how do you keep your managers engaged? There are many answers to this question but here are a few I know that work: make them part of the decision making process, allow them to be creative, lead-don't control, allow for individuality in how they do what they do. Having autonomy and being able to be creative are key to greater engagement and job satisfaction.

  • http://twitter.com/AngelBiz Angel Biz Advisors

    While I agree that the employee of today is more like free agent and will go wherever he finds opportunity; there are things companies can and must do to keep the star employees from leaving. The situation is even more difficult and serious for small businesses where employees an jump ship at a moments for few bucks more. I recently wrote a blog post on what companies can do to reduce employee turnover – http://www.angelbusinessadvisors.com/blog/2010/

  • http://www.stayadventurous.wordpress.com/ craig zabransky

    After 10 years with a corporation on the same team and with a single boss for 9 of those years… I can say that when I learned I was let go and they also asked to make that day my last (no two weeks) I was stunned. Not that it happened, the firm and industry were in dire straights, more at the way it occurred. After nine years, it was just matter of fact. I learned that's the new economy.

    So I see it that we are all free agents, all the time. As an employee or even in freelance (what I do today) you need to focus on your skills and being talent. Lebron is talent, so is David Carey, that is why they can go where they choose.

    stay adventurous,

  • Maggie

    Having worked for a manager who did his best to recruit me back to the job everyday, I can attest that this strategy works. People aren't loyal to companies, they are loyal to people. And that boss is someone I still to this day will help whenever asked (and we don't even work together). Even great free agents need talented managers and coaches to help them with their careers. Given what I've learned from my boss, I am now a coach to others to succeed in their careers. Thanks Ron!