• https://www.facebook.com/andrei.hedstrom Andrei Hedstrom

    Thanks for the article Carina! This is indeed becoming a key skill for business leaders and I appreciate you bringing attention to it. My company went entirely virtual 4 years ago. We have had great success building and maintaining our awesome team culture, mostly utilizing skype, email, a facebook social group, and the occasional in person gatherings of staff for work days, volunteering events, or around client meetings. Face-time bonding really is irreplaceable. We actually have a cool interactive info-graphic up on our website that captures a lot of the points you make here, check it out at

    Also I want to give you a BIG BIG BIG virtual business hug for calling out the “high trust environment” This is absolutely key in my book for being successful with remote teams and the degree in which leaders can create a culture of autonomy and trust is the degree that their team can step up to manifest exceptional results.

    We had a great compliment come from a significant client last week. While touching base on the status of the project, he told me that when they were considering working with our team they were concerned that a virtual company would be less connected and communicative. He said that the experience of working with us was the opposite – he said he had never encountered a team that was more communicative or connected and he felt very included in that. As a CEO that was a great day!

    Good Things, – Andrei.