• Sean R. Nicholson

    Just like “forced fun” is not really fun…forced engagement is rarely engagement…

    Great points!


    • derekirvinegloboforce

      Funny, Sean. A colleague tells me the “Fun Force” committee at a prior job quickly became known as the “Forced Fun” committee.

  • mcmillan212j

    Indeed. This is akin to what I used to tell me kids, “You’ll do this and like it…”  Good post.

    • derekirvinegloboforce

      Which goes hand-in-hand with the favorite parental reply: “Because I told you to.”

  • Al

    Love this Derek.  Another thing for the managers, bosses and even CEO’s ; They need to Engage with the employee. Besides making it clear what the requirements and expectations are. Be interested, ask questions, Listen, ENGAGE, CARE.  You know that saying; “People don’t CARE how much you know, until they know how much you CARE”  It is true.  Employees want to have a voice, they want to matter, feel valued.  When the “Big Dogs” engage with employees, that feeling is expressed.  Another one to remember is; “If you want to be interesting, first be interested”.  Ok.  I have rambled enough.

    Thanks again Derek and take CARE.


    • derekirvinegloboforce

      Very true, Al. The good news is many managers understand this – as do many employees who care for each other.

  • Adam Searcy

    As managers and leaders you should have certain level of flexibility with your staff. Learning what makes you or another employee feel empowered doesn’t mean it will work for all staff. You should truly make the effort to learn what each employee values most and attempt to offer that. Thanks Derek! 

    • derekirvinegloboforce

      Adam, this is an important distinction. I cringe at programs like desk massages for engagement. That would not be at all engaging for employees who do not not like to be touched by strangers – and I’m not at all sure what it has to do with helping employees understand the value and importance of their contributions such that they *want* to engage.

  • Jump Rewards

    “Employee Engagement” has become a buzzword that is slowly losing its true meaning.  If it takes the form of an underused suggestion box or a small and powerless “engagement committee”, your employee engagement efforts will have the opposite effect. 

    • derekirvinegloboforce

      Jump – those sound like employee satisfaction efforts of old – far different from true engagement work.