• Carol Anderson

    Big, arm-pumping YES! In my experience, those who claim that amount of time in the job spend at least 50% talking about things that are not “part of the job”. At the end of my 40ish hours, when I’ve worked my butt off, any work I tried to do would be poor – only so much energy.

  • http://twitter.com/TheDataNerd Phillip Marquart

    I also think that people tend count commute time into their exaggerated number of hours. Instead of seeing time at work as time “in the office,” people tend to look at work as “time away from home.” Since people are living further from work, perhaps that accounts for some of it.

  • Kyle Jones

    The great take-a-way from this article……focus on results. It’s better to work one hour productive than one-hundred hours not.

  • Clint Johnson

    I guess I fall into a different category since my longest, 80+ hour a week job was objectively quantified in the vessel’s logbook I operated a tug and barge moving logging trucks non-stop for 12 to 17 hours a day during the five or six day workweek and then ran for another 8-9 hours a day on the weekend for ancillary traffic. In my case, I don’t even have to qualify any coffee or lunch break since if we stopped for a ten minute coffee break, the end of the day got pushed back ten minutes… we packed a lunch and ate at the helm.

    I do not miss those hours but I do miss the paycheck.

  • JB

    I start at 7am, finish at 6pm, no lunch break, mon to fri. 8am to 2pm sat, again no break. These are the hours I have to do as a branch manager. My branch opening times are 730am to 5pm, and 8 to 12pm sat. Im not overstating anything, nor being inefficient. Tell ya what though, I sleep a lot on sundays!!

  • Jori

    Construction foreman working 6am-6:30pm with 30 minute lunch monday thru friday. Saturday 6am-4:30pm with 30 minute lunch. Sunday 6am-2:30pm again with 30 minute lunch. Total of 78 hours a week. This is mandatory with a very strict deadline at a college football stadium. I doubt that study includes all industries; Crazy hours are very common in labor industries.

  • 80 Hours Per Week

    I don’t see you learning from the many comments on your original post from people working 80 hrs a week. I would encourage you to talk to people who work more than the 60 hr cap you’ve imposed. Many wrote to you in response to your post. Why not acknowledge our existence?