• http://www.facebook.com/LisaRyan14 Lisa Ryan

    Really great article Steve. This is still a subject that many people are debating the effectiveness of, and you have shed insight in a way that makes sense an show the true value of the engaged employee. It’s not about the fluffy stuff – having fun, feeling good, etc. It’s about treating people well, expecting value, and being sincere in your efforts to connect wit employees. Thanks!

  • http://twitter.com/jludike John Ludike

    We have been using Gallup’s approach for past 5 years within emerging markets and its actionable research has resulted in significant improvements in both tangible business outcomes as well as improvements in employee productivity and retention within selected employee segments. Human Sigma-simple to understand and implement.

  • ranaemog

    This is very well written, Steve! I would add “consider implementing a mentoring program” to your “what can we do better” list. Mentoring offers employees the chance to grow both as individuals and as employees. Mentoring gives participants that sense of “buy in” like you suggested above by showing employees that you care about their career development both for themselves and for the continued growth of the company. Thanks for a great article. Will share with our networks!