• Jump Rewards

    Great post!  Too often managers put their employees into two groups: those who get results and those who don’t.  There’s potential in virtually everyone, and the key is to draw out that potential. The employee who doesn’t get results may feel a lack of motivation.  Perhaps their efforts have been overlooked. 
    We all want to hire the “go-getters”, however, even the most driven employees can lose their motivation or become disengaged.  A good manager will put into practice some of the suggestions you made in this article. 
    For more suggestions, take a look at this whitepaper: Engaging Generation Y: 6 Building Blocks to a Motivated and Happy Workforce http://www.jumprewards.com/resources/white-papers/ 

  • http://www.humanrhythms.co.nz/ Mark

    Great article – for me, it seems we are painting a picture of the difference between leadership and management.

  • Ltilley

    Great post. Love It – key word “Inspire”

  • polarise

    There is something sleazy about inspiring employees *after* the company has started. Shouldn’t the inspiration reside in the vision that the organisation sets out to accomplish? The only reason a company should exist year-after-year is that it meets a real need in an a sincere manner. Anything else is sophistry and keeps pumping air into the bubble that the company represents. This is part of what makes working for many corporations such a painful experience because it takes several years to finally realise that the company is not sincere and that it is a waste of everyone’s time.