• Chris Young

    David… This is excellent information. Powerful, actually.

    One addition I would like to recommend… I recommend companies hire the right talent in the first place – people who fit their jobs well. When the wrong person is in the role – it is bad for everyone – the employee – their team members – management – the company – shareholders.

    The fact is most companies do a really lousy job of hiring the right people. Interviews are not enough. Interviews are biased. Every selection process begins with a job benchmark and then a comparison of candidates who have completed a multi-science personality assessment to ensure the candidate can actually do their job.

    Nothing is more important in my mind. Yet most seem to assume hiring the right person is being done well. Unfortunately hiring is still stuck in the stone ages in many companies.

    Again… Excellent information.

    Keep rockin’!
    Chris Young
    The Rainmaker Group, Inc.

  • HumanNatureAtWork

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your kind words and a big “Right On!” with your additional point. Few things create more unnecessary stress for both the employee and their manager than the wrong person in the wrong job. It’s the ultimate “Setting people up for the agony of defeat vs. the thrill of victory”.

    Thanks for adding that crucial point.

    Best regards,

  • Esther Orioli

    Congratulations David on the article. Keep up the good work.

    • HumanNatureAtWork

      Thanks Esther! I appreciate it.