• David Witt

    Hi David,
    Thanks for highlighting the importance of nurturing the self reliant achievers in your organization.  You are so right that it is easy to overlook the day-in, day-out contributions of these people.  Organizations that do, however, run the risk of disengaging some of their most valuable contributors.  As you point out, taking the time to provide recognition, appreciation (and new challenges) is a great way to keep these people growing and engaged.

  • Coaching Pinboard

    Great article – it would be interesting to explore the dynamics of interaction and influence of the 4 employee types. We can all probably think of those employees with low competence and commitment who negatively influence those of high competence and commitment. Also, interesting to see the difference between perceived competence and commitment in employees Vs actual.
    It’s an all too common paradox that Leaders/firms spend too much time and resources nurturing the low competency, low commitment employees that they end up neglecting the talented employees.

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    There are great, thanks for sharing! Interesting that many of the jobs wouldn’t likely make many people’s lists of “dream jobs” yet because of culture they still come out on top.