• bunnahabhain13

    Great post! As usual, those that should read this, probably won’t.

  • sanjidude

    Post this on the bulletin board in your lunch room. Someone who should see it eventually will!

  • Miss Brooklyn NY

    Well written post with many similarities to how I’ve felt in positions. Great piece

  • http://www.gatelyconsulting.com/ Robert Gately

    The symptoms described, see below, all indicate that employees were not hired for their talent for job success.

    * When the disenchantment begins
    * When the relationship starts going south
    * Employee motivation cuts both ways
    * Help ‘em grow or let ‘em go
    * Creating an environment they don’t want to leave

    Talent is the necessary condition for job success that employers cannot provide their employees and schools cannot provide their students. Most employers don’t measure talent so they can’t hire for talent even if they do hire the best and the brightest. Talent and competence are necessary but they are two different things. Selecting for competence, culture and talent avoids most performance
    problems and tenure issues.