• Karen ONeill Psathas

    Right on the money.  Most executives devote little time to Gen Y’ers who voice dissatisfaction.

  • http://www.wphebert.com Paul Hebert

    The really sad thing is that everything in this post should be common sense and should be the bible for any manager.  The fact that you had to write it and point it out is a real indicator of how badly we do “management.”

    Until we get out of the industrial age mindset of the definition of what managers do I fear posts like this will continue to be written and continued to be ignored.

    Managers create engagement in the process of delivering corporate AND personal employee objectives.  Period.  How they do it is as individualized as the person we are trying to engage.  Which to the point of the post requires, listening and thinking FIRST  about how to get the PERSON engaged.

  • http://twitter.com/KymleeIsAwesome Kimberlee Morrison

    “Being an engaged boss means taking an active role in ensuring that your employees have what they need to be successful, and more importantly, in connecting with their team.” Bingo.

    This post reminds me of Multipliers, by Liz Wiseman. There are so many leaders who are really oppressors in a management position. Great leaders don’t use fear as motivation, or ignore talented individuals, but rather removes obstacles and nurtures the talent so it can blossom.