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    Success stories (through internal or public social networks) are another effective way to use social media to drive results within organizations. Success stories tied to company values that recognize individuals for specific actions make those recipients feel great and sends a positive message to others in the organization about which behaviors are encouraged and rewarded within the company.

  • Jon Hull

    Whilst I admire the ambition this is not really true. All you arguing for is a focus on employee engagement, better leadership and a focus on developing talent… This is true regardless of the medium. This activity is all done by people behaving in a different way not because of the technology

    • http://robscottinsyd.com/ Rob Scott

      What I would add Jon is that while I agree the improvement in engagement, performance management, leadership alignment etc. need specific interventions on behaviours, the medium will have a definite impact on how you develop those interventions. What i’m seeing is a a lot of HR vendors building their products around social thinking. If you want to leverage the power of that solution, then you will need to align those behaviour changes to support how the tool operates. An example is where Performance Management tools have shifted to “Social goal setting” – this is very different from traditional top-down (MBO) approaches, and if you don’t align your leadership, managers, supervisors and employees to the way the solution works, you won’t get the outcomes. There is a really good book by Jamie Notter – ” Unlocking Power of Human organisations” – it gives some good insights into behaviour changes triggered by new technology.

  • Dr. Wendell Williams

    In my opinion this is a lot of wishful thinking…Gettng more social does not offset the shortcomings of sending line managers poorly qualified employees. HR needs to learn how to select and screen better people and stop treating them like victims…There is at least 30 years of best practice thought on this subject….and it does NOT include using traditional interviews and job descriptions

  • Jim Jacques

    Excellent article — everyone in HR should be interested in these points…

  • http://twitter.com/karinamdam Karin Kramer

    Creating awareness is where the job starts. Social media in the worksphere made it easier and more closeby to start thinking this way or gain the insights to explore this path. It has narrowed gaps between all employees, regardless hierarchy. But still, you need real good HR with at least a clear vision on the business, the organization and people.

  • Carl Grothaus

    Social sites aid in discussing the critical issues that occur in HR and
    those inputs can help in bringing out better outcomes for busines.