• Brian Lowenthal

    I agree that when an employee aligns their work with the organizational purpose you enable engagement. I would further suggest that when the employee aligns their personal purpose with that of the organization you enable INSPIRATION. An Inspired employee is even more productive, and operates at their best much more frequently. I believe inspired employees is what an organization must have in today’s highly competitive marketplace, engagement is not enough!

  • Ignite

    Thanks for the article Derek. It’s a conversation that needs to be happening all over. Here are two of the key problems we found at the core of this issue though:

    1) Most organizations can’t easily articulate what they’re purpose is, other than making money. So how can they align the right people?

    2) They vast majority of society can’t define their own purpose, so how can they define it at work? So how do they know if they’re really working for the right company or looking for work at the right company..?

    Separately, organizations have to clearly define and be able to articulate their purpose, much like values. But very few have started that process. Same goes for individuals. Sadly though, the fact is; the vast majority of society doesn’t truly know where they fit, because they haven’t been asking the right questions…

  • Cheyserr

    I work in an outsource contact center here in the Philippines but I directly report in our headquarters at Utah. One problem our company encountered is the culture differences and how to impart the company’s vision to their outsource call centers in the Philippines and India. Our company then closely examine the specific needs not only by the agents but of their families as well, they also started educating it’s employees on aspects of other cultures around the world. Here’s the link to the entire blog if you’re interested, http://www.thecrmprocess.com/2013/07/08/managing-multi-cultural-call-centers/#.UeBDoNKbeVM. That is how we’re able to resolve our differences and positively recover our agents engagement in our common goal to serve not just our clients but the community as well.