• http://www.recruitinganimal.com RecruitingANIMAL

    You were right the first time. Jerry Maguire is a chick flick and that’s the whole story.

    The writers put all the fancy speeches in Jerry’s mouth — the ones you like — but no one in his office was impressed except one single mom who had a crush on him. They knew he was going nowhere.
    And he did. Jerry turns into a total loser.

    He only finds success because he is forced to be dedicated to a man who — in movie terms – assumes the woman’s role. He wants Jerry to love him not do business with him. And this man is dominated by his wife at home. She is the tough cookie at home.

    It’s a good movie. I liked it but it’s about romance not business.

    • http://twitter.com/truebluetitan Rob Schultz

      I have to disagree with you. As someone who jumped off of the big business bandwagon and went to work for himself, I see the motivation in Jerry Macguire.

      Sure, only one person joined him, but sometimes being a leader means that you have to go against the grain and not a lot of people are going to see the payoff until it’s tangible. A lot of people like the perceived security of their Corporate America jobs. However, the control that they have over their futures is far less than someone who does what Jerry did.

      Jerry doesn’t turn into a total loser. He had to fight through hardships, both personal and professional, but at the end of the movie he was recognized for achieving what he set out to accomplish. Being a trailblazer is usually never an easy path to travel but, then again, that’s not why we choose to do it.

      • http://www.recruitinganimal.com RecruitingANIMAL

        Rob, can you give an example of a situation like Jerry’s.

        The story is not simply about someone who strikes out on his own. It’s about someone who learns to love other people and that is what brings him success.

        It’s all about girls being appreciated. In this movie Cuba Gooding is a girl in a man’s body.

        I think the betrayal by the young athlete at the beginning is the realest part. In this movie that’s “business” or rather business as usual and business as usual has no heart.