• The Bob’s

    and don’t forget, next Friday is Hawaiian Shirt Day, but only if you remember your 37 pieces of flair.

  • http://ENJOYWorkWith.me/ ENJOYWorkWith.Me

    It is crazy that people can so easily miss that by declaring an “engagement holiday” or “recognition event”, it reinforces to the managers who don’t quite get it that these are not “all the time” things.  When you set aside time for recognition or set up events to encourage engagement, it tells them that those are the only times to consider those things (maybe the 5 minutes or so before those events).
    The best is the recurring events that have a planned end date.  Lets get people in the habit of feeling appreciated, then get rid of it!  Pizza party Fridays, but only during the summer.  Great way to make people really cranky for a few weeks after the summer ends…

  • derekirvinegloboforce

    Great points ENJOY and The Bob’s. “Office Space” is a classic movie of exactly what not to do – banners proclaiming “we’ll all be happy,” birthday cake, etc.