• ramya divya

    Good article. Employee engagement is important for any organization, implementing an employee self service portal allows an organization to be more connected. Just read an informative whitepaper on this very topic ” Increasing employee satisfaction with Microsoft dynamics AX, readers will find it helpful @ http://bit.ly/YflG9k

  • http://twitter.com/michpoko Michelle Pokorny

    I strongly support all of your suggestions in this article. However, I do wonder if it isn’t just wordplay – employee engagement vs employee involvement? Do you get involvement without engagement? Or vice versa? I agree that ‘engagement’ as a term has been overused. Engagement is complex, and I believe positively affected by all of your bulleted items above. I also think engagement surveys are being thrown under the proverbial bus. You can identify satisfaction with many of the items you point out above (e.g. satisfaction or how well an employee feels recognized, satisfaction with communication, career development opportunities and much more through well designed engagement surveys, and get some good directional, actionable insights. Is it all you need to do? No. Is it a valuable tool, I believe so. Thanks for the conversation.

  • dr jac

    Changing a title, changes nothing. Look what happened when we went from Personnel to Human Resources.