• http://twitter.com/worksimple WorkSimple

    Interesting survey, John. No matter what side of the fence you are on, one thing is clear from this survey: employee engagement is a topic many are finally recognizing as a big deal (even if this survey wasn’t expected, as you noted). That in itself is something to celebrate!

  • Steve

    Can’t say I agree with your conclusion, John.  Most HR Obama supporters I know are doing so because they prefer his economic and social policies; it has nothing to do with HR-related regulations. 

  • James

    Funny. I just read the “M&Ms Recruiting Test: How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything” article, and found several issues with this one. A few seconds into the article, readers will run into a run-on sentence. In fact, the author begins and ends this sentence by telling us that what he writes is “According to Quantum Workplace”.
    A quick gloss over the article revealed further inconsistencies. According to the title, “59%” of HR pros plan to vote Obama. Later on, however, a heading saying that “Nearly 57%” of them will do so introduces a quote from the study that says that “59.6%” plan to vote for Obama. I.e., 60%, not 59% or 57%.

    I hope the author is not in charge of selecting employees for his firm. As a job seeker with an MBA from a top five program, I cringe at the idea of my career being left at the mercy of a similarly-skilled HR “pro” with such a tragically embarrassing attention to detail.

  • Rob Orr

    John, while I almost always agree with your perspective, I’ve got to agree with Steve on this point… besides, I don’t like the implication that HR pros need to vote for a politician that will provide “make work opportunities because they don’t have the confidence, skills, or influence to have a positive impact on the business.

  • Jerry45

    James, you are absolutely right. I’m never reading John’s articles again. This isn’t the first he has written with multiple inconsistencies.

  • http://twitter.com/GregoryHarris Greg Harris

    John–“Advocacy” is simply the willingness employees have to brag about their workplace. It’s an outcome of employee engagement. The concept was born from traditional market research. Just like happy clients when they refer a friend are “brand advocates”. It’s a critical component for companies wanting to measure and manage their employer brand.

    • http://tlnt.com John Hollon

      Thanks Greg. I appreciate the insight because I have never heard or read about “advocacy” in an employee engagement context. It certainly makes sense, but I wonder: why do so many employee engagement surveys fail to mention it? If it is a key factor — and I can certainly see that it is from your description — why isn’t it more of a universal metric when it comes to engagement?