• Employee

    Great Article! This is showing exactly the reality around most of American companies. The SAD part is the senior managers and executives really don’t care about workforce other than their own bonuses at the end of the fiscal year. The good part is sometime soon this might end cos without motivated and engaged employees, the short term solutions like cuts, shrinking etc will not work anymore and then yes that will be no bonuses for the big bosses.

  • Krissy Paine

    I relate to this article because I admit I am one of those people that have a job but are seeking for a new one. However, my reasoning is because I work full time right now, but would like to work part time because I am going to school and doing both is becoming overwhelming. Even so, it has been hard to find part time work.

  • http://blog.globoforce.com Derek Irvine, Globoforce

    Great post, John, and critically important topic to discuss. Another angle on this story is — what are those employed-but-actively-seeking-jobs employees thinking about when on the job? I guarantee they aren’t 100% focused on the task at hand — a great majority are likely daydreaming about “the next gig.”

    Right Management found similar numbers in Dec 2009. I wrote about it then:

    That’s 87% actively engaging in activity to leave your organization. Take a look around your company today. Which employees do you think are the 13% most likely to stay? I guarantee it’s not your top performers. Various studies on employee engagement so it is the most disengaged that stay in their current role.

    Look at it another way: that’s 87% of employees distracted by thoughts, daydreams or plans to leave your organization; 87% not fully focused on the task at hand, not fully engaged in helping you achieve your strategic objectives.

    The entire post is here: http://blog.globoforce.com/2009/12/resume-tsunami-coming-are-you-ready.html