• Vicki Foley

    I really like your example of positive peer pressure through social media. There is a lot of positive energy spent on Facebook and similar sites. I also like the example of how you have created a positive peer pressure process that uses the attributes of social media (quick bursts, available when I want it, my ideas or actions are visible to others) to drive accountability. I think there are lessons that organizations and leaders can learn from the dynamics of social media and other positive peer pressure channels.

  • http://www.maximizepossibility.com Chris Young

    Powerful post Theresa! I find that peer pressure is a far better driver of accountability than positional authority or coporate mandates can ever be. I have included your post in my Rainmaker to five blog picks of the week (http://www.maximizepossibility.com/employee_retention/2011/01/the-rainmaker.html) to share your important message with my readers.

    Be well!