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    The challenge is that many organisations currently make negative and disengaging meaning out of everyday scenarios for their employees.  You have to get meaning down to the individual level, making positive meaning in the daily interaction between an employee, their manager and their peers.

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    Taking the time to listen to individuals all their thoughts and ideas to be heard, and start incorporating what your employees are saying. Creating an environment where ideas and innovation is welcomed with open arms could create a lot more engagement. 

  • Jerry Holtaway

    Thanks Jo. You are absolutely right. The job is to matter to people in a way that matters on a personal level. In other words, enterprises need to create a new balance in the “give and take” between what their business wants (increased growth, competitive differentiation, etc) and what employees need (work that matters, for an employer that does well, by doing good).

  • John A Bushfield

    Jerry – What you are describing is called ‘conscious capitalism’, where companies build their vision, mission and strategy around a set of principles that transcend typical corporate objectives: revenue, profit, market share, etc., and instead focus upon the impact being made on their workforce, customers, community and the environment.  It requires a significant paradigm shift and a firm, long term commitment.  It also takes a leap of faith, which for some will be harder than for others.  Enlightened organizations who’ve gone there have enjoyed measurable success in excess of a variety of indices.  Something to think about . . . . 

    • Jerry Holtaway

      With you completely John. We call it “purpose beyond profit”. It makes so much sense, but it is so hard to sell to entrenched executives who are being forced to think and act quarter-by-quarter. As you say, enlightened companies that embrace the principles of conscious capitalism win on every score. We have a several papers available on the challenges enterprises face in the thought leadership section of emotivebrand.com .