• HumanNatureAtWork

    Great article Ron. I was just talking with an HR friend of mine how amazed I am at the difference between the “corporate folks” I interact with vs. the entrepreneurs in terms of their hunger to learn and grow, and thei overall curiosity.
    I think everyone reading your article would benefit from asking “If I were an indpendent contractor and my employer were actually a client…would the amount of value I am providing right now keep them as a client?” and “Would there be other things I would be doing to provide more value (such as investing in my professional development more)?”

    I really hope people use your article to do some soul searching.

    David Lee

  • http://twitter.com/TLBurriss Teddy Burriss

    Investing in yourself, not just your career, but your life, is a key tactic to overcome being a permanent cubicle resident, a dying cog, a working stiff or a direct deposit balance checker. Invest in yourself & grow. Thanks for the poke Ron.