• http://www.boltonremote.com/ Edsel Mendoza

    Just wanted to add on “take time to give constructive feedback”. We ask our clients to give feedback (constructive, both negative and positive) … and it’s more effective if it’s constant, not just during some yearly or quarterly review. Knowing how well you are doing as you are working, is more helpful than when you’ve just completed a deliverable.

    We’re pretty familiar with this concept because Bolton Remote creates remote worker teams and solutions all the time for our clients… clients that have their teams working 100% remote. Constant feedback is almost necessary.

  • gnielsen

    I think a big part of inspiring new hires on top of showing them the big picture is Finding the right person for the job. All of these steps will have a bigger impact if the person that was given the job is already invested in the company aside from being qualified to perform the given tasks.