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    The focus on celebrating success, even small ones, is a key insight. Most people, especially at the beginning of a venture or project, always forget there is going to be a period of grinding things out. This fact is often lost on upper management not involved in the day to day execution of the project – they often expect overnight success so in many situations, the feed back is constantly negative, why did you not reach this goal, why didn’t this happen. By celebrating the small success, you help balance out that negativity.

  • Trish

    Great ideas here Laura. I like #6 and 7. All Managers need to read this post and all the stories in TLNT – today especially.

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    Hi Laura,

    I really like the Stephen Covey quote at the beginning of this post. It also applies to individuals.

    Your last point, celebrating success, is a bit dangerous. You’re suggesting cash as a a form of reward/celebration, and this is a huge problem. Because, the next time your team succeeds, they’ll be expecting cash, and if they don’t get it, then they’ll be greatly demotivated. Once you do it the first time it’ll turn into a permanent deal that people expect to get all every time there is success.

  • Moche Mohlerepe

    I like point 2 the most. Many bosses claim to have an open door policy and yet nobody dares go in through that door. Actions speak louder than words. Employees know when they have a supervisor that values that input, and that triggers their creativity.

  • Leadership by Example

    I like the list, and want to emphasize that as the Team Leader – you are still an internal part of the team – all these points apply to you as well. Do you understand the big picture, give yourself what you need, plan, goals, be there for yourself – Leadership by Example – Motivation is self-motivation – If you are highly self-motivated, the team will follow your example.

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    Great article with easily applied practical tips. #2 and #7 stand out to me as the most significant in turning the tide and boosting morale. Thank you for sharing.

  • Guilherme Duarte

    Great article, I couldn’t agree more. And as a employee and leader I have to enphasize the “7.Celebrate successes” point, as I think that one of the most important aspects that leads to a great team engagement and motivation, is recognition, both from the manage team towards employees as well (and probably most important) peer recognition. Where I work we created for internal use (that we recently made public) in which we try to boost engagement, happiness and motivation through peer-to-peer recognition. It’s called Tap My Back, if you are interested you can take a look at http://www.tapmyback.com

    With that app we try to give continuous feedback to all team members and help everyone keep their motivation levels high by saying thank you and recognizing publicly all their good efforts in excelling at their job. We think of it as employees engaging with each others 🙂

    Once again, congratulations for the great and clear article.

    Best regards,

    Guilherme Duarte

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    Great article! Leaders should know their responsibilities first to be able to maintain harmony within the team. A good working relationship and making sure that all works are done inline with their objectives are keys to obtain success.