• Dustin Leszcynski

    This list looks like the key ingredients to having any corporate initiated, company wide project take shape and become embedded (not just engagement).

    In a recent implementation that I was involved in, #5 was a game changer for initial adoption rates for this voluntary program and is backed by data from our pilot to our enterprise launch. You have to sell the managers and have their buy-in if you want the IC’s. The next phase of the implementation focuses on creating local champions and ambassadors which is probably the second most important step after securing the managers.

    The best part is, if you can successfully execute each of these “steps”, the program really becomes self-sustaining and takes a lot of day to day pressure off the program manager, allowing he/she to focus on innovative improvements as opposed to handling transactional fires that might come up.

  • Anonymous

    Managers are key, but it all comes down from the top.  Two of the key contributors to engagement are: 1) do I believe the company is going in the right direction and what I do is connected to its success and 2) Do I think I have a career beyond my current role… #1 can be affected by leadership and managers, #2 can only be affected by HR and managers caring about their employees and intentionally encouraging and enabling employees to pursue their dreams