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    Great article. You pointed out a lot of the ways that social technology is really impacting how talent is found and managed, as well as the hurdles it still has to clear. Social media is a new tool in the recruiting toolbox and we still have to figure out how to use it for best results. But like other new technology, for example video interviews, it’s helping to make talent acquisition easier.

  • Donna Ronayne

    Hi Kyle,

    For social technologies to truly drive innovation in talent management, their purpose needs to be clear, and they need to support defined outcomes. Is it to increase employee engagement? Gain deeper insight into performance gaps? To foster a coaching culture?

    If it’s difficult for organizations to demonstrate how the use of social technologies helped to achieve those outcomes then social becomes nothing more than a bell and a whistle. Sure gamification can spark interest in the tool and the process – at least for a while – but if no value comes from it, what’s the point?

    For this blending of social technologies into talent management solutions and processes to work long term, it needs to be done in a thoughtful way. This blending needs to reinforce corporate culture, values and business strategy while providing employees at
    all levels of the organization more visibility into ‘what’s really going on’.