• http://www.leadershipconnexion.com Stephan De Villiers

    Insightful post! I think as managers we sometimes forget that a critical part of being a manager is leading people.  Managers sometimes focus to much on the processes and deliverables, causing them to neglect the people aspect of management.  Mangers need to assist people to develop by creating an environment conducive to such development

    • Anonymous

      You zeroed in on a major theme in the thinking of helping managers make meaningful work for employees – it’s the people who make the process and deliverables possible. As you point out, leaders have within their influence the ability to create an environment where meaning can be pulled from work. 

  • http://twitter.com/MentrResources Mentor Resources

    Great article.  Under #3 treat people like people, I would add a paragraph about mentoring – which makes more experienced employees (who Mentor) feel more valuable and loyal and increases the people skills, networking and technical knowledge of the Mentees.  Again and again, corporate mentoring programs have been shown to improve retention and employee engagement.

    • Anonymous

      Great addition. As you point out, mentors find meaning in helping others grow. It’s an honor to be selected as a mentor. Nice addition.

  • http://www.brucesallan.com Bruce Sallan

    Treat employees as People? What! I prefer to NOT have ANY employees (which I don’t) rather than stoop to that!

    Actually, I do have a couple of employees now that I think about it…part-time. BUT, treat them like people! NEVER!

    (as usual, you offer such smart advice Shawn!)

    • Anonymous

      Bruce, good to see your humor is shared so freely! I appreciate that about you AND your continued support. BTW…happy birthday.

  • http://www.TheSuccessEducator.com Debbie Ruston

    Excellent points, when people love what they do, they are committed to the company.  We have seen this in our own company and the people and companies we train.  People are the most important aspect of success in any organization…without the right people, it doesn’t matter how good your product or service is.  Those that focus on employee engagement, training,  support and development are the companies that excel…focus on these areas, and the results fall into place.

  • Andrew Glowatsky

    Good article Shawn.  It’s all very true.  In addition to playing into people’s strengths, also provide some diversity in assignments so that the employee has opportunities to grow in both depth and breadth.  Employees will see the value they can contribute in areas outside their strengths and the business will gain from employees who can adapt and are confident to step outside their comfort zone.