2 More Questions You Didn’t Know to Ask but Should at ERE

ERE Recruiting Conference is April 6-8, in Las Vegas.

Is talent a part of your role? If so, the ERE Spring Recruiting Conference in Las Vegas, April 6-8, is for you. This two-day conference is designed to teach you best practices and enhance your role as a TA leader.

As we get closer to the conference, we’d like to help you get in the right frame of mind. We encourage you to ask questions and interact with our speakers. Below, we’ve written two questions you should ask, but may not have thought of.

How do I use data to prove the value of Talent Acquisition?

In a time when budgets are tight, leaders are asked to prove ROI. While talent acquisition can be particularly hard to quantify, there is a way! Through identifying your top performing talent, you can look for trends. What are your top sources of A players? How can you expect future hires to perform? As you answer these questions, you can build a roadmap for future success. Most importantly, you can use the same analysis to prove your department’s value.

How can I use data to improve our candidate experience?

Your company’s future depends on the overall candidate experience, you want it to be extraordinary in the war on talent – you want the experience to be perfect. How can you reach perfection? Through data! By analyzing your internal data and comparing it with your competition, you can begin to win the war for talent.

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How to Build Productivity Through Reward and Recognition

When it comes to rewarding and recognizing employees, many companies don’t know what to do or where to start—let alone how to maintain an ongoing model. Which is understandable since HR has so much to do. However, reward and recognition programs yield such high results that it only makes sense to make creating one at your company a top priority. Learn how reward and recognition can impact your employees, how to effectively reward and recognize employees, and eleven ways you can recognize employees for free!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, and leapfrog over the competition, you need to attend the ERE Spring Recruiting Conference. Hurry though, our early bird discount ends on January 31. Save $300 on your registration by signing up today!