• Bill Vignes

    Hi, Sharon.

    Thanks for the article. Recently read in a survey that 90% of employees can be more productive, and over half of them say they can be OVER 50% more productive. That’s huge, and happiness is surely a factor.


  • Ron Fite

    All of these ideas are very good. The applications will vary, depending upon the company. I do think that the motivation factor #4 is still the “missing link”. We know that people are motivated by different things; some internal while others external to the workplace. Getting to know your employees on a personal level and opening free communication to discover their motivation triggers can be a huge plus. While it takes time, it can well be worth the investment when you consider lost productivity due to low morale and the cost of hiring and onboarding a new employee. Team leads and front line supervisors come closer to know their group on a personal basis, but the disconnect may be that we lack a system of sharing this knowledge upward to the decision makers.
    It took me a lifetime to realize that it is OK to expect happiness as a component of my profession. After all, I selected the profession, so that responsibility is mine.