• http://twitter.com/eric_chester Eric Chester

    I had the chance to interview Jim for my book “Reviving Work Ethic” and he was very open about the practices Hard Rock uses to attract and engage amazing people whom many others see as ‘broken toys’.
    But don’t be fooled. It takes a rock star to build a team of rock stars, and in the field of training and development, Jim Knight is one kickass rock star!

  • http://www.talenttalks.com/ TalentTalks

    I especially like #6 – understanding & optimizing employees’ strengths. As most of us spend an inordinate amount of time dealing with performance improvement, sometimes it isn’t the employee’s failure to excel, but the situation not being conducive to succeeding. 

    KB @TalentTalks 

  • Linda Fleming

    #7 can’t be repeated enough. Whether it’s an intern or a senior performer, treat people well and pay attention to them. If they feel genuinely appreciated, they are far more likely to do a good job and go the extra mile, when needed.