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    11. You don’t trust that I’m here to do a good job.

  • Middle Manager

    There is a reciprocal relationship between management and staff.  There must be mutual support and agreement toward defined outcomes, with honest feedback regarding successes or needs for improvement.  Ideally, there is also room for “coaching upward” and the trust level to accomplish it.  To paraphrase Stacy, “Trust is a Must”.  I want to know what I’m doing well, and I want to know what I can do better.  Likewise, I should have enough trust with my manager that I can focus on solutions that involve the development of varied management styles.  Having my managers know what I do and support me in improving is a critical piece.  Leaders must find a zone between micro-management and dereliction of duty and work to let employees understand how much autonomy they have, how much “touch-base” responsibility they have, and those things in which a manager’s decision is the marching order.  It’s very hard to be effective if you are a laissez faire manager who inserts herself/himself into a process only after it has gone awry.  Too much directive management takes away employee autonomy and problem-solving for improvement.

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    There has to be respect and constant communication between the management and the staff. The manager must also show their appreciation and loyalty in allowing new ideas.