Why the Best Recruiters Have Learned to Love Data and Technology


Recruiting is undergoing a technological renaissance. Veteran recruiters remember the advent of primitive databases that housed scanned images of hard-copy resumes, but the modern recruiter’s routine is infused with technology that helps them find and hire candidates faster and with higher success rates due to the ability to be precise in their approach….

Return on Time (ROT) – The Difference between Average Recruiters and Advanced Experts


A very important but largely overlooked stat in sourcing is return on time (ROT).  Many areas in recruiting/sourcing are judged by time, such as time to fill.  Return on time is the average hours a recruiter or sourcer takes to get a submission.  This stat changes from industry to industry, but the industry average…

How to Source Tech Candidates on Goodreads


Hiring tech talent is fast becoming a headache for sourcers. The traditional recruiting channels are overcrowded, and sourcers are being forced to turn to some unlikely places to find the best candidates. With this in mind, I thought I’d share a tactic that we’ve used at Beamery to find the candidates who don’t…