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    Good thoughts this morning, Lance. Taking a full blown marketing approach to a sourcing strategy will assist with appropriate tool selection and use. Most people put the cart before the horse — that is, they choose a social technology before understanding anything else about the search, simply because it’s ‘where everyone else is sourcing.’ My recommendation is to use a Groundswell quadrant approach: 1) determine who your target audience is; 2) determine what your objective/goal is in reaching them; 3) figure out your strategy for accomplishing that goal; and lastly, 4) choose your tools and resources according to the other information. Using an approach like this will ensure almost every time that you’re putting your precious sourcing efforts in the most appropriate places.

    • Lance Haun

      Agreed. One of the things that is a constant unfortunately is that people are always focused on a shiny new tool instead of thinking, “Okay, that tool looks great but how does it fit in with my overall attraction strategy?”