• http://twitter.com/AvidCareerist Donna Svei

    I vote for LinkedIn. They have a quality offering and it’s going to be hard to best their traffic and reputation advantages. In addition, they are making great strides towards solving their “social” problem. They’ve shown amazing ability to adapt to their market. I have a lot of respect for them.

    However, one of the things I love about the on-line employment marketplace is how the intense competition is making many of the players improve their products. Given that, there’s always the chance for a dark horse site to come out a big winner.

    Donna Svei
    aka AvidCareerist

  • Bonnie Rauwerdink

    Joe, Thanks for going through all the effort to prepare the report for us.

  • Jodine Ibeme

    I just tried Beyond, emailing my resume to posted email. Nothing happened. I went to the site itself and I can’t upload my resume like the prompts tell me to.

    • http://twitter.com/JoeStubblebine Joe Stubblebine

      Hi Jodine, I am sorry you are having problems. Please call Bridget in our Member Services group at 1-866-694-5627. We have a great support team at Beyond.com. She’s expecting your call and she will be happy to help you!

    • http://twitter.com/JoeStubblebine Joe Stubblebine

      Jodine, I did a little more research, and it appears that your profile was set up, perhaps the welcome email went to your spam folder? Your profile is here: http://www.beyond.com/360E2F17-0241-4D52-88DF-679F14292405. now you customize your URL, and clean it up and make it distinctly your own!

  • Visualoomph

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  • carol

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  • tejas

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  • preety patel


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  • Pedrooo

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