• http://twitter.com/Work4TJX Alicia Priselac

    I was curious to see how many people were using it in hopes of getting noticed by employers.  I used Exalead to conduct a flip search: site:pinterest.com link:linkedin.com but Exalead tends not to work if xray and flip are combined, so the low number of results is not accurate. 

    • http://rehaul.com Lance Haun

      Great points, Alicia. I think there are probably some novel ways to use it to create a profile but I don’t think employers are focused yet on Pinterest because it probably isn’t an optimal venue for many of their potential candidates.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jennbowen Jennifer Bowen

    Thanks for tackling this topic Lance and I agree, for the majority of positions Pinterest is not the most efficient place to source. I’ve been a member since early 2011 and love the site, but it’s my personal place (home decoration, crafts, recipes etc.). The hype around sourcing/recruiting from Pinterest feels to me like another example of bandwagon recruiting. There are tons of resources already out there not being utilized fully so why jump on the newest and hottest just because others are? 

    • http://rehaul.com Lance Haun

      Agreed. If you’ve exhausted every other avenue, then maybe it is right for a few positions. Otherwise? There are probably many other resources available that you could better use. 


  • Tina

    I find it frustrating that you can’t contact someone on Pinterest, i.e. I’ve tried searching Facebook for people when they have an unusual collection of photos (like doors) that I like. It’s rather frustrating & that’s life!

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