• http://twitter.com/JamesCPeters James Peters

    I’ve been using Talent Bin for 3-4mths now and it is an excellent tool, you can really find the unsearchable!. 

  • Irina Shamaeva

    Talentbin is great! I am a user and a fan as well and posted a review last November at 

    I agree that it’s a game-changer. It belongs to my category of “dream software” (along with the thesocialcv and one more tool that is to be announced soon).

    Talenbin’s Peter Kazanjy has deep understanding of why this type of software is currently needed and is taking all the right steps to add power to his offering in terms of expanding the back-end data and to get it in hands of real recruiters from some very well-known companies.

  • Cody C

    A better question is: why don’t recruiters actually respect the statement of a candidate who says they are NOT INTERESTED and don’t want to be contacted? 

    Often times it appears that statement is a call to arms and a challenge to be conquered.

    The short answer is: well that candiate should not be listed on LinkedIn at all.

    But that is too simplistic, especially given our hyper-connected times. We all need to be on some of these sites (LinkedIn) for the betterment of our greater careers, so its not realistic to just cut yourself out of that equation as a whole.

    Recruiters need to respect a candidates statement to not be contacted.

    I think of it as the Hollywood Principle: Dont Call Us, We’ll Call You.

    I think recruiters already have a shaky enough reputation in certain industries. And getting spammed by recruiters because sites like TalentBin make this data aggregation easier
    doesn’t make recruiters more endearing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/antoinedb Antoine De Brabant

       Exactly, that’s why privacy and anonymity is essential for job seekers, whether passive or active. After all, CVs represents people, and people have the right to their privacy.

      Why not offer an online dating model for jobs? http://www.jobbook.com

    • LgVIP

      you’re officially off my list …

  • Disgruntled

    I tried using Talent Bin and realized all it does is aggregate public information… I might as well just continue actually using my social connections. 

    The worst part is that sometimes TalentBin returns multiple people as being the same contact. This has happened more than once and it’s really frustrating… I don’t think the hype is that great at all

  • http://cmroman.com/ Cristina

    Just added the new Chrome browser plugin; excited to see how it will pan out!

  • TruthInAdvertising

    In the interest of full disclosure, it might be good to mention in this article that “your boyfriend” is an employee at TalentBin.

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  • Tom

    Given how inaccurate my profile on TalentBin is, I wonder if you ever find anybody. It has me down as a graphics designer and a system engineer, working for a company I have never heard of. Currently I don’t have a role, but am simply am employee.

    I guess if I discussed with more on the Internet it would be more accurate, but my employers wouldn’t want to much detail of my work out in public.

    What information there was was vague, incomplete, and inaccurate.

    I am totally unimpressed with the service.