LinkedIn Spam, Sourcing, Recruiting, and the WWF


Today, on SourceCon Live, we caught up with Stacy Zapar about what she has planned for her presentation at SourceCon Fall in Denver. We spent 58 minutes talking about sourcing, recruiting, cool tools, LinkedIn spam, the Zappos “no job postings” stance, and the WWF.

Additional guests in today’s Hangout ON AIR included Craig Fisher, the Recruiting Animal, Dean DaCosta, Aaron Lintz, Mark Tortorici, Kameron Swinton, and Randy Bailey.

Watch the entire show below:

  • Suzanne Chadwick

    Hi Jeremy, great session. Really interesting conversation re going from agency to inhouse/RPO and working directly with the business. I think that there is so much more to do when you work directly with an organisation. Like you said there is the opportunity to get involved in the marketing, helping the hiring managers, really getting in deep with the organisation to understand the commercial needs. I think with the power of social and online connection, companies want to own the relationship for the longer term with candidates rather than having to go through an agency every time.

    • Jeremy Roberts, SPHR

      Thanks for the feedback (and for watching it all the way through) :)!