• Jeri Risin

    I’m sold! I tried using google to search twitter for a compensation analyst role I am trying to help fill and got some fresh names. Using the -intitle:jobs in the string was key! I have been trying to think of a good strategy to search twitter for profiles and this seems pretty solid.

  • Keir

    My question is this – how do you contact these folks? Do you follow them in hopes they follow you back or do you post a tweet on their page? What do you do?

    • http://jeremyrobertstx.com/ Jeremy Roberts

      You should start by cross referencing their name and location to find a number. If you can’t find a number call the main number for their company and ask for them. This sounds like a good blog post!

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  • Toni B

    What ever happened to the site where a person could compare search results from Bing & Google at the same time? I think it was called “BlackDog” or something similar.

    • http://jeremyrobertstx.com/ Jeremy Roberts

      That’s an interesting question. I’m tweeting this now to see who knows 🙂

  • Cheri W

    This was super helpful! Thank you for sharing.