• http://www.hiregrid.io Joel McLean

    I feel like you’re overlooking basically the entire history of recruiting on Facebook. This has already been attempted multiple times: BranchOut, Identified, etc. And none of them worked. And it wouldn’t be any different if Facebook built the solution itself. Remember the Facebook Job Board that was going to change Recruiting forever? Yeah, not many do. Facebook already provides an excellent solution for Recruiters: paid ads. We need to stop attempting to copy/paste old models (resume search, job boards) onto new media. Instead we need to take advantage of the new opportunities provided by the new media.

  • tedmeulenkamp

    I’ve been saying the same thing for 4 years at a minimum. If they can separate the professional data from your private stuff I think a lot of people would catch on. Just ensure recruiters don’t have access to your private party pics (not more than they have today). And seeing the amount of facebookie stuff on LI these days most people don’t distinguish it anymore.

    Joel, you mention the failed job board and it was indeed hilarious. But if Facebook would put some serious effort in it they could have an amazing tool. It can be as simple as getting Indeed feed into FB and through the algorithm you get the jobs shown that you are interested in. Right there in your news feed where many of us spend so much time already. Make applying with your FB professional profile a breeze and you really have gold on hand. They could make serious money out of it or just do this for free and tie those billion users even more to the site. Job boards old fashioned? Yes but that doesn’t mean we will ever get rid of them.

    Paid ads would be very interesting, IF people would have their professional interests/history on their FB profile.

  • Caroline Kiesler

    Our company is testing Facebook at Work. Not sourcing specific but I can see through this testing how it will become so relevant to recruiting if they roll it out!

  • http://www.sourcingsupply.com Geoff Peterson

    Agree, Facebook is a massive collection of people – at 1.6B people now, with 1B active monthly. Good Recruiters and Sourcers flock to where the talent is. No one solution has been able to crack this nut just yet.

    With LinkedIn, I think they could counter and copy their online chat feature and bring some real “live” candidate engagement inside their community. I envision seeing your 1st degree connections when they are on LinkedIn and you having the ability to open a quick chat with them about open positions, congratulating them on their new promotion, carefully asking them about other connections (referrals), etc.