• http://lisabeuning.wordpress.com Lisa Beuning

    I would love to test it. Forget the FB post, let me try one of your beta’s!

    I love this stuff…

  • http://marvsmith.wordpress.com/ Marvin Smith

    great article…I am looking forward to experiencing it.

  • http://www.avanade-jobs.com Glenn Gutmacher

    Amybeth, agreed w/Marvin that this was a super write-up from the perspective of a sourcer. The public beta is already live (10/31/2010) so no need for invitation logins anymore. From first glance, the /people slashtag results are impressive and longer term, the collaborative use of slashtags has a lot of potential.

  • Ted Meulenkamp

    This is seriously cool stuff. If you do more targeted searches you don’t even need to put the -jobs etc in as /people will eliminate most of the irrelevant results. Great that they offer it as RSS feed as well.

    The only thing I problem I got was with an X-ray of Linkedin

    “site:linkedin.com “product manager” oncology

    (or using their /site=linkedin.com)

    gave me just a few results (6)

    site:linkedin.com “product manager at” oncology “public profile powered” gives 1380 results

    any thoughts?

  • Amybeth Hale

    Thanks for checking this out Ted. I had a chat with Glen Cathey last week and he also mentioned that the quality of the results beyond the first page trickled off. Since this is still in public beta, it’s a great opportunity to provide Blekko with this feedback so they can improve their service.

    By the way, it was great meeting you last week! 🙂