• maureensharib

    Nobody ever talks about carpal tunnel. Is that just not a thing anymore?


  • Julie Kamat

    Using their online identities across social networks gives hints to possible email configurations in Google+, as well as picking up any other clues of birthdays and middle initials/names to add into configurations to test. Google+ can also be connected to an email address that’s not a gmail one. Happy hunting!

  • Joel McLean

    I second Aaron’s emailhunter.co nomination. Works well, and plugs directly into LinkedIn. Lately I’ve been using http://kickbox.io/ for email verification. Sidekick (http://www.getsidekick.com/) is an ok Rapportive substitute. I also recommend FullContact (https://www.fullcontact.com/).

  • Lusha Grabowski

    Another great tool you might want to include is: http://www.Lusha.co

    Very very effective with private emails (Gmail & Hotmail) and phone numbers

    Please check it out and I’ll be happy to know what you think

  • https://captainverify.com/ CaptainVerify

    you can also use : https://captainverify.com/