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What You Need to Make Sure to Acknowledge in Your Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook and Forms
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By Eric B. Meyer Right around the time that email subscribers to this blog receive today’s post, I’ll be sitting on an “Ask the Expert” legal panel at the Lehigh Valley Chapter of SHRM saying lawyerly stuff like: “It depends,” and “I’ll get back to you on that,” and “Are you serious, or just asking for a…

Hiring Wisdom: Think Again If You Aren’t Trying to Impress Candidates

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If you don’t think it’s important for you to favorably impress job applicants and make sure they have a positive experience — whether you hire them or not — think again. In 2014, there were 6.2 unemployed people for every job opening. At the end of 2015, that number was dramatically lower: 1.6 per…

How Do You Handle Wage Payments for Deceased Employees?

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By Aurelio J. Pérez The death of an employee is an unfortunate fact of life for businesses. Nonetheless, employers may be ill-prepared for the inevitable issues that arise from the sad event.  Of concern are: Who can claim wages of deceased employees? Is there a limit on wages that can be claimed without…

How Best-in-Class Organizations Leverage Onboarding For Workforce Agility

snowboarder agility
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First impressions are critical, and I heard someone saying the other day, rather cynically, that the happiest day of your employment is your first day and it is all downhill from there. It still pains me that organizations do a powerful job of building a compelling Employee Value Proposition and sell it hard…

You May Need This Someday: 9 Steps to Drafting an EEOC Position Statement

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By Eric B. Meyer If you’ve ever had to address an EEOC Charge of Discrimination, you know that drafting a good Position Statement, in which the specific claims of discrimination are addressed and supported with documents and facts, is key. This especially holds true now that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has announced new nationwide…

Five Tips For Brand New Managers

New manager
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First of two parts So, you’ve been promoted to a manager position and have people reporting directly to you. But with great power comes great responsibility! No matter how successful you’ve been previously in your professional life, managing people for the first time can be a daunting task. With that in mind, here…

See No Overtime, Hear No Overtime, Pay No Overtime

Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil
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By Eric B. Meyer Like many other employers, you’ve got a handbook policy that says that non-exempt employees cannot work overtime unless they obtain prior approval from a manager or supervisor. If, without prior approval from a manager or supervisor, a non-exempt employee works overtime and reports those hours to you, the Fair…

With the Big Storm Hitting, How Do You Handle FMLA and FLSA for a Snow Day?

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By Eric B. Meyer Back when I had three kids — I took some liberties with snow days and the Fair Labor Standards Act. I’m exempt of course (Executive exemption — like a boss!). For the kids, rather than worry about minimum wage or overtime, I just paid them in Pop Tarts. An honest day’s…