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See No Overtime, Hear No Overtime, Pay No Overtime

Hear no evil see no evil speak no evil
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By Eric B. Meyer Like many other employers, you’ve got a handbook policy that says that non-exempt employees cannot work overtime unless they obtain prior approval from a manager or supervisor. If, without prior approval from a manager or supervisor, a non-exempt employee works overtime and reports those hours to you, the Fair…

With the Big Storm Hitting, How Do You Handle FMLA and FLSA for a Snow Day?

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By Eric B. Meyer Back when I had three kids — I took some liberties with snow days and the Fair Labor Standards Act. I’m exempt of course (Executive exemption — like a boss!). For the kids, rather than worry about minimum wage or overtime, I just paid them in Pop Tarts. An honest day’s…

HR 101: How Do You Know When to Pay Employees for Meal Breaks?

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By Eric B. Meyer How was your Thanksgiving? Survive Black Friday? Me? I almost left my kids on the North Pole as I counted the minutes until Monday. But, overall, I enjoyed a few days off. Now, it’s back to work. So, let’s talk about the Fair Labor Standards Act. As wage and hour claims generally continue to…

HR Basics: The 3 Times You Have to Fire an Employee – and How to Do it

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Month over month and after several performance reviews, it’s been a pain and even a morale killer to consistently monitor a problem employee’s performance. You’ve taken corrective action, but when their probationary period is over, those performance issues still remain problems. Sometimes, there is no alternative option  — company performance standards suffer, revenue…

HR Basics: Which Employees Are Eligible to Take FMLA Leave?

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By Eric B. Meyer The Family and Medical Leave Act allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period for a variety of reasons, including for one’s own serious health condition. An employee with a serious health condition can take FMLA leave if the employee satisfies…

HR Basics: 4 Common Hiring Mistakes You Really Need to Avoid

Recruiting hiring
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Employees are one of the most important assets to a business, so that’s why hiring the right candidates is crucial to a business’ success. You want your employees to complement one another because bad hires can cause disruption in business, job dissatisfaction and high turnover. According to a Dice article (titled The Cost of Bad Hiring…

4 Questions You Should Be Asking About Performance Management

Performance improvement plan PIP evaluation
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With the recent news around Accenture and GE replacing their traditional performance review process with more frequent, timely feedback from multiple sources, it seemed Kismet when Eric Mosley, CEO of Globoforce, had his article, Creating an Effective Peer Review System,  published recently in the Harvard Business Review. Eric shares key elements to create, maintain and support…

Something to Remember During the Daily Grind: It’s OK to Just Do HR

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If you’re highly active in HR and Talent Acquisition in the social space (read: blogs, websites, pod/video casts, webinars, conferences, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), you might be caught up in this mindset that what you’re doing is not what you should be doing. You’re being told what you should be focusing on by idiots…