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There’s No Quick and Easy Fix to Building a Successful Workforce

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I recently stumbled across a blog post titled, After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice. I knew that Google had initiated a longitudinal study called Project Oxygen in 2009 to identify key leadership competencies.  I knew that what they found was a validation of common sense – that…

Leveraging HR Analytics: Better Productivity From Some Telltale Donut Bags


Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the book It’s All About Bob (bie): Strategies For Winning With Your Employees, published by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated. By David Creelman When we hear the phrase “HR analytics” it sounds very, well, very uninteresting. You may also think it’s a technical subject, suitable only for people who find statistics fun….

The Ugly Side of Transparency in the Workplace


Transparency rules in today’s workplace. Recruiting, interviewing, hiring, performance management, every process of talent management is being uprooted because of this stubborn need for workplace transparency. Perhaps the need is warranted. Trust is a key factor in acquiring and retaining top talent and trust, in one way or another, is built from transparency,…