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Why You Need to Adopt Employee Goal-Setting to Really Drive Performance

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Google the definition of a goal and you will find this: “The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result. An intention.” As a manager, your role is to shape the intentions for each team member to deliver the results required for the individual, team and company to succeed….

How (and Why) Great Leaders Are Great at Delegating

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One thing I love about the work I do is that it gives me contact with a wide range of leaders. I especially enjoy the opportunity to learn from those whose commitment, drive, and intelligence result in the kind of great leadership we all want to emulate. They’re a wide-ranging group, but there are…

5 Field-Tested Methods For Managing Virtual Employees

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The world of work is changing. Employee preferences for more flexibility and need for a better work-life balance have led companies to adapt by allowing their employees to work virtually or to telecommute. The evolution of technology – phone, email, instant messaging, VPN, laptop, mobile email – has also allowed companies to provide…

Hiring Wisdom: Why Do You Tolerate Mediocre, Underperforming Employees?

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Have you ever noticed how we humans tolerate all kinds of things on a daily basis? Commute traffic, nosey neighbors, and crying babies on planes are just a few that come to mind. But if we weren’t able to tolerate these every day annoyances and acted out somehow, people would probably think we’re…

Has Anything Changed? Analyzing the 2016 Human Capital Predictions

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I started the new year reading through dozens of lists of New Year’s predictions forecasting trends that will shape the HCM world in 2016 and beyond. My goal was to identify overall meta-trends and see if any new predictions emerged that are different from things predicted in the past. You can read the…