So You Want to Recruit for Startup? Here are Five Things You Need to Know


Many recruiters are excited to have startups as clients. It is the adventure and attraction to candidates that seems to lure recruiters. It’s the “wow” factor of, I use this product every day, or I could see myself using this product, that is very appealing. This is an uncharted territory for a lot…


Your Performance Reviews Are Biased Against Women

Man Woman Separation By Divorce Gender Gap

Language in performance reviews often conforms to gender stereotypes that result in women and men being put on different career paths, with men being favored for leadership positions. Despite many CEOs’ intentions to prioritize gender equality, McKinsey & Co.’s 2015 Women in the Workplace study revealed only one-third of employees surveyed believe gender diversity is…


5 Post-Monster-Buyout Predictions for the Future of the Recruitment Industry

looking into the future

The announcement that Randstad had bought Monster was just the latest in an accelerating trend of M&A in the recruitment industry between technology companies and traditional staffing/recruitment services companies. This announcement comes on the heels of LinkedIn’s acquisition by Microsoft, and Indeed/Recruit Holdings buying SimplyHired in a fire sale. These announcements are just the…