Aussie Navy Asking: ‘What Will You Bring?’


Australia’s Defence Force Recruiting has launched a recruiting campaign on TV and elsewhere, with a “What Will You Bring?” theme. The idea is that by appealing to people who can bring a wide variety of skills and interests to the Navy, they’ll get more applicants. The ads will run in movie theaters, outdoors, on social…


These Are the Top Companies for Work-Life Balance – And 3 Ways You Can Create More Balance for Your Employees


Work-life balance is always top of mind for employees and candidates – we hear questions about it in interviews, or employees will discuss ways of achieving it in break rooms and during lunches across companies. Indeed recently rated the top 25 companies for work-life balance in the Fortune 500, curated from Indeed’s millions…


What I’ve Learned About Effective Management Training

Virtual management training

Success in the new world of work is less defined by checking boxes, and more defined by thinking outside of them. This shift has inevitably impacted the way we see management: In the industrial economy, management was defined quite literally — managers oversaw employees clocking in and out, completing tasks and adhering to…