Mindset Matters: Getting Your Sourced Candidates Ready to Interview


Like many fans of HBO’s comedy Silicon Valley, I love that the show so accurately depicts life in the high-technology industry. A few episodes depict a mindset and experience common among in-demand candidates. When I see it on the screen, it’s entertainment. When I encounter it in my recruiting, it’s challenging. The “I’m…


4 Steps to Start Recognizing Someone’s Emotional Intelligence


Ever wonder why the smartest person on your team is not necessarily the best team player? Have you been trying to put your finger on what makes your manager such a good leader? The answers could be related to your colleagues’ levels of emotional intelligence. More than just a buzzword or management fad,…


Build a Greenhouse Where Innovation Can Flourish

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I recently sat through a conference presentation that included many slides on building a culture of innovation. As I glanced around the room, I noticed another attendee with that “Yea, right” look. I chuckled to myself because at that moment I was thinking the same thing. Innovation is not about a product or…