Don’t Make Another Call Until You Watch This

stuff recruiters say

“So,” you say to the prospect on the other end of the phone, “What did you W-2 last year.”

Uh-huh. “So how old are you?” Oops. “Sorry. When did you graduate?”

“Would you be willing to take a pay cut for the right opportunity?” “So what’s the bare minimum you have to live off of?”

Can’t you just hear yourself asking things like that? (Not that you ever ask how old. That’s something hiring managers do. Not a professional like you.)

Those are part of a collection of “S*** Recruiters Say” compiled into one of the funniest recruiting videos I’ve seen. Credit Betts Recruiting, a contingent and retained San Francisco firm, for coming up with the video.

“Every now and then,” Betts blogged when the video went up on You Tube, “it’s fun to poke at the cliches heard around the office.”

So, take off the headset for 2 minutes and enjoy the show.