Bullhorn: Identifying Real Job Orders

logo_bullhorn_originalRecruitingBlog.com‘s Jason Davis and TFL writer and sales coach Dan Fisher have teamed up with Bullhorn to share tips on how to qualify real job orders, particularly during a turbulent economy.

“Often, I don’t think recruiters are being honest with themselves,” says Fisher.

“When recruiters get a job order, they want to start working on it. They’re afraid to ask the questions to qualify the order, because if they ask those questions, they may find out that the order isn’t qualified. Then, they are back to making more sales calls. So they trick themselves into working job orders that aren’t real,” he says.

Other advice that Davis and Fisher share in the Bullhorn report is to recognize that fee resistance might mean you are talking to the wrong person — it is vital to speak to the proper person when dealing with larger accounts because in this economy, it is not the time to work harder to make less money — and to set clear standards when qualifying a hiring manager for your CRM.

Download Part 1 here to read the entire report.