• Steve

    Wow, if I told my boss that I was recruiting by only using Facebook and/or LinkedIn he would slap me. Pick up the phone. I find that the more I am on the phone, the more good things happen!

  • Nick Roman

    I average 60-80 calls a day. Im big on social media, but the reality is that you need to pick up the phone and talk to people or at least leave voicemails. The way I look at it…each voicemail is comparable to a Radio Ad. By the time they hear it 20 times, they’ll be calling you for your services.

  • Big Hitter

    I billed $823,000 last year and so far this year I’m at $298,000. I make 10-15 calls per day and spend roughly 80% of my time on the internet; I’m rarely on the phone – maybe 1 hour per day.

    This approach may not work for everyone, but it’s been successful for me and everyone in our office.