Salary Histories: It’s an Artificial Barrier That Too Many Companies Put Up

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The first words out of most people’s mouths when I call them about a job are usually “what’s it pay?” And, if their first question is about pay, then that must mean money is their main motivation to change jobs. Right? It is more likely that candidates are tired of spending time talking…

What Chick-fil-A Teaches Us About the Incredible Power of Company Culture


Very few companies have a stronger culture than Chick-fil-A. That doesn’t happen by accident. The founder of Chick-fil-A was a man named S. Truett Cathy. Much has been written about him and his influence – particularly since his passing in 2014. I recently had the benefit of listening to the Vice President of…

Evolve or Die: A Former Skype Executive on Hiring Challenges in a Smaller World


I was lucky to get an interview with Sten Tamkivi from Teleport, a tech entrepreneur, most recently residing at Andreessen Horowitz. After starting a few companies in Estonia, he joined a start-up called Skype as an early executive in 2005, where he ran the original R&D office and held several global product engineering…

5 Things to Do When You’re Stuck Working the Day After Thanksgiving

Day after thanksgiving

Editor’s Note: This Classic TLNT post is a Thanksgiving favorite that we are thankful to be able to share again with you this year. The Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday has to be the most useless day of work ever. I know many folks who still don’t get this off as a holiday, and either have…

Hiring Collaboration Tips From The Very First Thanksgiving


Editor’s Note: We published this originally on TLNT on Thanksgiving 2013, and it seems appropriate to repeat it today. Every November, we all sit down with friends and family to celebrate the ultimate sign of teamwork: the first Thanksgiving. Back in 1621, a group of 53 Pilgrims and 90 Native Americans shared a harvest feast….

How 1 Company Has Hired and Retained People With Disabilities


People with disabilities are unemployed at rates about double the rest of the population, but a number of employers are trying to change their recruitment advertising, screening, as well as retention programs to change this. One that’s finding success is Independence Care System, whose vice president of human resources Lisa Feliciano talks to…