The Real Problem With Crappy, Mediocre Managers

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Incompetence is contagious within companies — and it spreads like wildfire. Incompetence can originate from anywhere, but mediocre managers are like matches for lighting a veritable forest fire of incompetency inside the organization. They create a ceiling that can stunt the growth of your organization, and everyone in it. This idea is not…

Machines or Humans — Who Will Win the Battle for the Future of Recruiting?


Unless you happened to be called Rip van Winkle, it is impossible to have missed the gloomy predictions of many doomsayers that humans are set to be replaced in wholesale numbers by machines in a dystopian future of work. Just this week, the Bank of England’s Chief Economist (see article) suggested that 15…

Here’s What It Means to Be Strategic


I often talk about my leadership workshops as helping leaders think and work more strategically. I was recently talking to a group of middle managers who were eager for development and one brave soul asked me, “Can you define what you mean by ‘strategic’.” I created this table below to describe and summarize…

How to Make Your Job Postings More Effective

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As staffing professionals, we spend the vast majority of our waking hours each day actively seeking qualified candidates to meet the needs of our clients. In most instances, we use a wide variety of sources and methods to find those candidates, including posting jobs on our own company websites or with major job…

HR 101: How Do You Know When to Pay Employees for Meal Breaks?


By Eric B. Meyer How was your Thanksgiving? Survive Black Friday? Me? I almost left my kids on the North Pole as I counted the minutes until Monday. But, overall, I enjoyed a few days off. Now, it’s back to work. So, let’s talk about the Fair Labor Standards Act. As wage and hour claims generally continue to…

The 6 Strategic Recruiting Metrics That Executives Want to See


Stop Flailing, and Finally Understand What Makes a Metric Strategic During the many decades that I have been a metrics expert, I have found that the amount of time recruiting leaders devote to recruitment metrics adds little value to recruiting or to the business. Those frustrating failures can be attributed to three basic…

Hiring Wisdom: When Was the Last Time You Dug Into Your Hiring Process?


Have you ever watched Undercover Boss on TV and been as astounded as I about how little the featured executives seem to know about what really goes on in their organizations? (You should read what John Hollon’s TLNT post said about it here.) So, let’s not fall into the same sort of stupor….