• http://www.techtrak.com Maureen Sharib

    If I may be so gauche as to ask, “How much?”

  • Michael Black

    At this point it more like a “Who Cares?” Isn’t Jobster irrelevant in recruitment circles?

  • John Zappe

    Apologies, Maureen. I thought I had mentioned in the article that the selling price was not disclosed. But I can tell you that Chris Twyman said they paid “less” – way less – than the total invested in Jobster.

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  • Dennis Gorelik

    It would be really interesting to learn about the price of purchase.
    But whatever it is — it’s either too low for original investors (does recovering few cents on invested dollar make sense?), or too high for Zapoint (so Zapoint would be next in line of investors who lost money on Jobster).

  • http://www.ere.net/ David Manaster

    @Dennis I think that making a few cents on the dollar is infinitely preferable to investors over losing it all. That said, I doubt this is the outcome that any of them hoped for.

    My question: What assets remain at the new Recruiting.com?

  • Dennis Gorelik

    @David: it could be mentally painful to accept 90%+ loss of investment on such a sale.
    But I agree that objectively it makes sense to recover at least few cents on invested dollar.

    Jobster’s and Recruiting.com’s trends don’t look optimistic for investors:

    Note that Jobster has declining, but significantly higher traffic than Zapoint itself.

  • http://www.TheBigGameHunter.net Jeff Altman

    When was the last time anyone discussed Jobster? this is like reminiscing about RCA . . . a walk in memory lane to what was, what could have been and what it became and the disconnect between the all. Jobster believed it knew what the market needed . . . at a high price, to boot. Last time I noticed, most 3rd party firms are, how do I say this delicately?


    And corporations were unwilling to spend on unproven technology.

    I still have my Jobster and my bogus friends. Prior to the email I received from them this week, the lst time I had logged in was before the Presidential election . . . and probably way before the meltdown.

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