Woof, Woof. It’s National Bring Your Dog to Work Day

If you left your dog home when you went to work today, shame on you. All Fido’s furry pals are enjoying national Take Your Dog to Work Day today.

What do you mean you didn’t know? You remembered Talk Like a Pirate day last September when you wore that eye patch. And that powdered sugar on your shirt two weeks ago could only have come from your National Doughnut Day celebrating.

So what are you, like that career coach Dan Galloway who says keep dogs six miles away, let alone take them to work.

Heck, if you have brought your dog to work today, who knows, you might have gotten them a job.

Oh, you say, your company doesn’t allow dogs at work. You just go tell the boss that when Pet Sitters International organized the first Take Your Dog to Work Day in 1999, something like 300 businesses participated. And that was even before Silicon Valley went fully furry. These days, it’s not hard to find a dog friendly workplace; 17 percent of Americans say they work at such a place. Some career sites like SimplyHired even allow you to search for dog-friendly employers.

Not convincing enough? A group of professors of medicine, business, and statistics studied the effect of pets at work on employee stress levels and found — this will not be a surprise to anyone — that workers who had their dog with them lowered their stress level during the day, while their non-pet counterparts saw their stress shoot up dramatically.

And then there’s the way a dog’s behavior at work can provide management insights into employee performance. Greg Blatt, CEO of IAC, told Forbes that his dog-friendly policy is good for the employees, many of whom are young and single, with dog, in New York City. Plus, “If you bring in the dog that causes problems, I guess it theoretically reflects on your judgment.”

What’s the biggest problem bringing a dog to work? Watch the video and find out. (The answer is at 1:13.)


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  • http://sourcecon.com Jeremy Roberts

    The beauty of working remote is my dogs are with me all day every day. Right now I have one in my lap and one under my desk. 🙂

  • Anita Kumar

    I want to work for this company!

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  • Keith Halperin

    @ Anita & Everybody: When I contracted at Autodesk many years ago, they had a dog-friendly policy. I think they still do….I think it’s perfectly fine to have dogs at work, since we have many other animals there already: rats, snakes, sharks, etc.

    @ Jeremy:
    You have a desk dog and a lap dog. You need to get a mobile dog- either a tablet dog (i-dog, doggle) or a smart dog (doig)…